Mission Digital

Harry Bennett-Snewin

  Digital Imaging Technician

In an industry where teamwork is everything, our technicians are the bridge between the camera, production, editorial and VFX departments. Each member of our talent pool has graduated from our training programme and all have unique strengths across the spectrum: from on set DIT through digital lab and dailies colour.

MisbehaviourArri Alexa SXT - 2.8K ARRIRAWZac Nicholson BSC
All Is TrueArri Alexa SXT - 2.8K ARRIRAWZac Nicholson BSC
The Personal History of David CopperfieldFree Range FilmsArri Alexa XT - 2.8K ARRIRAWZac Nicholson BSC
Teen SpiritAutomatik EntertainmentArri Alexa XT - 2.8K ARRIRAWAutumn Durald Arkapaw
GuernseyGuernsey Productions LtdArri Alexa XT - 2.8K ARRIRAWZac Nicholson BSC
Journey's EndFluidity FilmsArri Alexa Mini - 2K ProResArri Amira - 2K ProResLaurie Rose BSC
Final ScoreDrybakeRed Epic Dragon - 4K RedcodeEmil Topuzov
The PartyAdventure PicturesArri Alexa Mini - 2K ProRes, Arri Amira - 2K ProResAlexey Rodionov
How To Talk To Girls At PartiesSee Saw FilmsArri Amira - UHD ProRes, GoPro Hero 4 - UHD H264, BMPCC - UHD CinemaDNGFrank G. Demarco
Free FireRook FilmsArri Alexa XT - 2.8K ARRIRAW, BM4KCC - 4K CinemaDNG, GoPro Hero 4 - UHD H264Laurie Rose BSC
Loving VincentBreakThru Films & Trademark FilmsArri Alexa - HD ProResTristan Oliver
Miss You AlreadyEmbargo FilmsArri Alexa - 2K ProRes, Indiecam2K - 2K CinemaDNGElliot Davis
Everest (2nd Unit Italy)Working Title FilmsArri Alexa - 2.8K ARRIRAWSalvatore Totino ASC & Kent Harvey
The Theory Of Everything ---- Assistant DITWorking Title FilmsArri Alexa - 2K ProRes & 2.8K ARRIRAWBenoit Delhomme AFC
HyenaNumber 9 FilmsArri Alexa - 2K ProResBenjamin Kracun
A Discovery Of WitchesBad WolfArri Alexa Mini & SXT - UHD ProResSuzie Levelle ISC & Christophe Nuyens & Petra Komer AAC
The Collection (2nd Unit)Pinewood FilmsArri Alexa - 2K ProResJames Wellend BSC & Martin Fuhrer BSC
Marcella (2nd Unit)Marcella ArmegeddonSony F65 - 4K Raw Lite, Sony F55 - 4K RawUla Pontikos BSC & Ulf Brantas
The Bastard Executioner (2nd Unit)20th Century Fox TVRed Epic Dragon - 5K RedcodeMike Spragg BSC & Denis Crossan BSC
Ruby RobinsonKing Bert ProductionsArri Alexa - HD ProResAndy Hollis
BabylonNightjackArri Alexa - 2K ProResBalazs Bolygo HSC BSC & David Raedeker
Elementary (UK Unit)CBS UK ProductionsArri Alexa - HD ProResRob Fortunato ASC
Inspector Geroge GentlyCompany PicturesArri Alexa - HD ProResDominic Clemence & Ulf Brantas
Premier InnMoxie PicturesArri Alexa - 2.8K ARRIRAWPeter Sushitzky ASC
Smart EnergyHungry ManRed Epic Dragon - 4K Redcode, BMPCC - HD CinemaDNGHaris Zambarloukos BSC
GatoradeGolden WolfArri Alexa - 2.8K ARRIRAWBarry Ackroyd BSC