Mission Digital

Patrick King

  Digital Imaging Technician

In an industry where teamwork is everything, our technicians are the bridge between the camera, production, editorial and VFX departments. Each member of our talent pool has graduated from our training programme and all have unique strengths across the spectrum: from on set DIT through digital lab and dailies colour.

MuscleHook PicturesArri AlexaStuart Bentley BSC
Yesterday (dailies)Working TitleRED Weapon 8KChristopher Ross BSC
Cats (digital lab technician)Working TitleArri Alexa 65Christopher Ross BSC
Testament Of YouthHeyday FilmsSony F65 / F55Rob Hardy BSC
Tresspass Against UsPotboiler ProductionsArri AlexaEduard Grau
Get Santa (dailies)Scott FreeRED EPICChristopher Ross BSC
Dark Shadows - VFXWarner BrosSI2K, Arri Alexa, Sony F3Bruno Delbonnel AFC ASC
St George's DayElstree Studio ProductionsArri AlexaMike Southon BSC
The Little Drummer Girl (Greece/Czech. Rep)AMC/BBC DramaArri AlexaWoo-Hyung Kim
Philip K. Dick's Electric DreamsAmazon/Left Bank Pictures for C4RED HeliumFelix Wiedemann BSC, Tony Slater-Ling BSC, Ole Bratt Birkeland BSC, Ollie Downey
SS-GBBBC Drama - Sid GentleArri AlexaStuart Bentley BSC
The Widow (Wales/Netherlands)Amazon/ITV DramaARRI AlexaStuart Howell
WillTurner InternationalArri Alexa MiniDavid Higgs BSC, John de Borman BSC
The Royals S1-S4E!Arri AlexaJohn Rhodes/Rob McGreggor
The Honourable WomanBBC Drama/Drama RepublicArri AlexaGeorge Steel, Zac Nicholson BSC
PoirotITV DramaArri AlexaGavin Finney BSC, Ian Moss, Zac Nicholson
MarpleITV DramaArri AlexaSam McCurdy BSC, Balazs Bolygo HSC
Mr Stink 3DBBC DramaRED EPIC S3DPhilipp Blaubach BSC
Galapagos 3DSky 3D/ColossusRED EPIC S3DSimon de Glanville
Micro Monsters 3DSky 3D/ColossusRED EPIC S3DPaul Williams
Kingdom of Plants 3DSky 3D/ColossusArri Alexa S3DTim Cragg
Bank of Scotland - 'Decisions Well Made'Agile FilmsSony F65Rob Hardy BSC
Boots 'No 7 - Pas des Deux'Tomboy FilmsARRI Alexa, Phantom Flex, BMD Ursa MiniGeorge Steel
Barclays 'Game Changing'Dark EnergyRED HeliumGeorge Steel
Blackpool Tower 3DSharp Cookies / Anglo FilmsRED ONE S3DAdam Hall
Astrazeneca: BrillintaPlastic PicturesArri AlexaGeoff Harrison
VodafonePendragon ProductionsRED ONEDavid Rom
1001 InventionsPicture ProductionsArri AlexaGavid Finney BSC
Calvin Harris & Rag'n'Bone ManAmmolite/ColumbiaArri AlexaFelix Wiedemann BSC
Bloody BeetrootsUltra MusicRED DragonDaniel Lightening