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03 Apr


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We have some exciting news to announce. We have successfully finished a major refurb to our West London office to reflect our commitment to the highest quality work and to take Mission Digital to the next level.


After 6 years at Buspace Studios, we have made some major changes and significant improvements to make sure your projects are catered for properly. This office is where all our kit will be built and our digital workflows designed uniquely for each production. The upgrade is complete with a brand new grading room for cinematographers to set up the look of their projects and a new training room for our renowned technician training scheme. Our staff will push the boundaries of digital services, it truly is a step forward for us.


As we’ve grown as a company over the last few years, we’ve decided to expanded into another office just around the corner at Canalot Studios. This is where our production team will be based to help you set projects up and keep them running smoothly.


By having these two offices and the staff that goes along with them, we’re getting ready for bigger, more challenging projects. From tentpole feature films to high end drama, our expertise and support team are having our busiest year yet.


All these changes are happening whilst keeping true to our company ethos. We will, of course, keep championing independent features, commercials, comedies, and everything in between, giving new opportunities to up and coming DIT’s and establishing cinematographers to work together.