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Whiskey Cavalier

On Set DIT


Whiskey Cavalier is an action-comedy series created by David Hemingson, and it follows an FBI agent going by codename Whiskey Cavalier (Scott Foley) and CIA agent codename Fiery Tribune (Lauren Cohan) who are forced to work together across several worldwide operations.

Shot in Prague and serviced by our Central European operation, our on set DIT Nick Everett worked closely with cinematographers David Moxness and Sidney Sidell with a Livegrade setup, to achieve the look of the show and make the colours explode as much as the action involved.


Peter Atencio
Jon East
Rob Bailey
Matthew A. Cherry
Amanda Marsalis
Michael Spiller
Romeo Tirone
Daisy von Scherler Mayer


David Moxness ASC, CSC
Sidney Sidell ASC

Production Company

Warner Brothers Television

Mission Talent

On Set DIT
Nick Everett

Shooting Format

Alexa Mini ProRes 4444


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