A better way to manage your media.

Tailored to cater for commercial and shortform projects, DataSprint aims to bring a new way of thinking when it comes to managing your media – right from set all the way to post and archiving. With DataSprint, there’s no longer a need to buy hard drives or to wait around on set for copies to finish backing up, it’s all taken care of in three simple steps.


Your technician ingests the media on set as usual, creating three copies. One copy is sent straight to Mission Digital HQ on wrap while a second copy is passed onto your post house.


Editorial files are uploaded along with sound and documentation to our high speed server, available for your edit team to download the same day. We then take all your material and back it up to two LTO tapes.


When your edit is complete and locked, editorial upload an EDL, Avid Bin and reference clip to our server so the post house can start to build the conform. At the end of the job we provide you with an LTO copy and hold another one here for long term storage.

For more information on DataSprint please call or email