Getting Started

We provide an extensive range of services & will try our best to help with anything - even if it is one of those awkward 'one off' needs. Give us a call and we'll see what we can do.
Our aim is to provide the most comprehensive, consistent and scalable solution possible for your workflow needs. Unlike a individual DIT we provide purpose built equipment tailored for each job along with a roaster of trained DIT's who all follow a consistent approach to managing your data. On top of this you can feel assured knowing our in house staff at there to help when things get tough.
When tailoring a quote for your specific needs there can be a number of things we'll need to know to provide you the best solution. The bare essentials are:
- Number of cameras
- Camera models & shooting format
- Shoot period & locations
- Estimated shooting rate (in hours per day)
- Production/Director/Cinematographer needs
We can provide services and solutions to a wide range of production needs however our primary services are up front DIT solutions along with lab services. If you're unsure of your needs we'll be happy to help assist you via phone or email.
Shooting raw can give the cinematographer and colourist much more flexibility in getting that perfect image but it doesn't come without side effects. With much greater file sizes and increased render & processing times it usually means more powerful hardware is needed and potentially more technicians time too. To find out more and get tailored advice please feel free to call us or email.

Working With Mission

Absolutely! Always up for a challenge, we're ready to follow you wherever you go with recent shooting locations including Azerbaijan, Italy, Sweden & Nepal.
Yes, we do! Feel free to give us a call or email to talk through your needs.


Our aim is to provide a comprehensive & consistent solution and so we only offer a complete package that includes talent and equipment. Dependant on availability we can however offer certain accessories & individual items for dry hire. Please inquire for specific queries.
Sure. We recommend our clients use G-Drive hard drives and can provide you with suitable options at competitive prices.
We're always interested in being a part of the filmmaking community and do run training sessions from time to time. While we can't promise a quick reply please feel free to send us an email!