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The role of the DIT has and continues to evolve over time and here at Mission we’ve continued to help shape that evolution. Regardless of how things have changed though, there’s always been priority number one for us. Looking after your data.

We provide a consistent, tailored and transparent service that works best for you, ensuring your data is tracked along each step of the way. This starts by making multiple backups at point of capture which we then recommend is accompanied with an additional long term storage solution in the form of LTO tapes. Reports are created at each stage of the process which are then given a second check by in house staff at Mission for an extra level of assurance.

No two jobs are the same but we believe a set of core transferable procedures are key to reliable data management.

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Whether it’s filmmaking or commercial work, content creation is a creative medium and we strive to keep it that way regardless of the technical advancements in the industry.

With live looks you can focus on your content as you intended with corrections for flat gamma profiles as well as finely tuned creative grades right there on set. Our technicians are trained with both technical and creative processes in mind making them ready to support your cinematographer as needed to get the best out of your image.

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Being able to view your rushes both on set and immediately after is one of the biggest selling points of digital for many directors and cinematographers and we can prepare dailies rushes for you exactly how need them with many clients looking for things such as:

  • ProRes/DNX36 editorial files
  • H264 review dailies (sound sync with optional burn in’s)