November 8, 2018 admin News


The journey of Mission Digital has been quite extraordinary, growing from a company that started off as three freelance individual DITs to one of the largest rosters of talent in Europe, looking after some of the most highly skilled technicians. In the meantime our Video Playback department has grown steadily and our Digital Dailies Service is recognised as one of the leading services in the UK.

When Mission was founded, it was done so under the premise that more could be achieved as a group than as individuals, and looking to where we as a group are now, we have one of the largest inventories of colour critical monitors, the highest caliber of tools to calibrate them, technology to support our dailies service that competes with any other industry name, a level of training that has gained industry recognition for quality and consistency, a team with some of the best experience in the industry and an infrastructure to support from capture through to post delivery that can’t be matched.

In 2013 the goal was set to make Mission Digital a twenty-first century digital lab, designed to replace the service once provided by those servicing film, with a major difference being we would be built for mobile deployment. We feel confident in boasting today that we deploy a consistent, scalable service which is built for mobile deployment, there from the point of capture and ready to deliver to any facility.

Having gone through this major journey and looking at where we are today, having upgraded our office, implementing security, investing in personnel and growing the production team to bring a focus on short-form work, we feel the company is very different and in response we have decided to give the company a new look.

I am introducing you to the newly designed Mission logo, where we are putting much more of an emphasis on the Mission and leaving the digital out, technically we will still be Mission Digital Ltd and our URL will remain missiondigital.co.uk, but moving forward we will be referring to ourselves simply as Mission.

We have timed this to coincide with Camerimage 2018 (Nov 10-17) where we, after several years of attending, are extremely excited to be involved at sponsorship level, with our logo appearing before each screening in the Opera Nova.


Mission is very proud to work to with such a fine level of Cinematographers and have such a brilliant team of technicians supporting the various productions we are involved with; we hope our new look inspires confidence in the direction the company is going.