The right fit for your project

When you call us about a job, our priority is to ensure the right technician is put forward to take the role. We base our decision-making process on previous projects and collaborations, as well as the requirements and expectations of your shoot.

In an industry where teamwork is everything, our technicians are the bridge between the camera, production, editorial and VFX teams; a vital role we entrust only to the person best suited for the job. Each member of our talent pool has unique strengths, and we like to play to them, so if you’re looking to work in a particular way, we’ll honour that.

Once your shoot is underway, we’ll be on hand to offer 24/7 support to our technicians, meaning that any challenges and problems are overcome immediately, eliminating unnecessary stress and worry for your production team.

Shaping new talent

At Mission Digital, we pride ourselves on picking only the best technicians to join our roster. We’re flattered to receive numerous applications from those hoping to become part of the team, but in order to continue our unique level of service, we have to be strict.

Whether they’re recruited straight out of university or join our ranks after years of freelancing, all our DITs demonstrate the same core personality traits:  

  • Technically capable
  • Acute common sense
  • Natural self-starter
  • Problem-solver
  • Personally engaging

Our unique training process

Our new recruits come to us with varying degrees of experience. The first thing we do is wipe the slate clean and start again.

The aim of Mission Digital’s classroom-based training programme is to create a standard of working to which all our technicians adhere. This ensures that no matter which technician you book, service is consistent across the board.

As soon as we feel our recruits are ready to spend time on set, we let them learn the ropes by shadowing and assisting our more senior technicians. When it’s time for them to go it alone, we look for the right opportunities to help them grow in confidence and ability, all the time providing the service, dedication and attention our clients love.