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How to become a Near Set DIT

As the digital age grows, the role of a DIT is becoming more of a necessity on all levels and in all genres of productions. Due to the pressure of content creation, people are having to step up in their roles and capabilities at a rapid pace, often too early.


It is now time to take action to make sure that our future talent are ready for the challenge and feel confident to grow within this industry.


Supported by Screenskills as part of the BFI Future Film Skills programme using funds from the National Lottery, Mission will be creating a new and FREE training course about how to become a near set DIT. This programme will be part of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) grant where  the aim is to support up and coming talent who have a keen interest in upskilling within the screen industry and for this particular training who want to learn and grow to become a Digital Imaging Technician (DIT).


Our Mission

The lack of training for such niche roles has meant that many have had to teach themselves on the job, often under pressure, working long hours, without support. This training is available for anyone in the UK as most of the content will be delivered online. The idea is you can study and work at the same time. We will then cover any cost for the in-person training in January.


Mission believes that it is important to offer accessible educational training for technicians who play such a vital part in being responsible for taking care of the footage of an entire production.


We also believe and have proven, that by creating a safe, less stressful environment, providing both technical and emotional support / resources that both experienced and trainee talent can have what they need to succeed, from putting theory into practice, providing answers to all questions and being there to solve problems.

The main aim of this training is for all the candidates on completion of the full course to feel ready and confident to be hired as a near-set DIT. We hope that at the end, the participants will be able to confidently download, transcode and have an introduction to colour management (CDL applications).

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We will create new and exciting content for this course which will include some reading materials as well as industry professional testimonials from companies and freelancers.


The course will be divided into different sections that will take the candidates from first point of call to on set to delivery. Through these sections we will cover topics such as, “how to prepare the workflow call”, technical / theoretical knowledge that all DITs need to know about cameras, cards, hard drives etc…, introduction to software, virtual production and much more.

Our sections will be divided as follows:

  • Section 1: Preparing your workflow

  • Section 2: From prep to on set

  • Section 3: On set - Production shoot

  • Section 4: The Wrap Up

All theoretical material will be released in order between the period of Mid November - December. We will also invite participants to join live Q&As to ask any questions they may have about certain topics.

All participants will then be invited in January to a 2 days in person training to put their theory to the test and play around with top DIT equipment. A third day will be available for anyone who has learning differences and may need additional support.


We will also be looking at creating a community with the participants by inviting them to be part of an online group to support one another throughout this programme as well as have access to industry professionals for further help. 

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Who are we looking for...

This training is designed for people who already have some experience on set as a DIT Assistant, Data Manager (download only or recently learnt how to offload and transcode) and other junior camera department team members who have an interest in data management. Depending on their background we will also accept applications from candidates who have an editorial background who can often act as a Data Manager when that role is not filled or budgeted for on a production.


Through this grant from Screenskills, Mission and participating partners are hoping to make this training available for up and coming talent who want to be either independent DIT freelancers or who may be interested in joining a company like Mission. We will offer different industry professional perspectives so the successful participants will get the chance to choose their journey. 

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How To Apply?

Please note that for this particular opportunity there will be limited places available.

Applications will close on Thursday 10th November at 10am.


Click “apply now” and please fill in the online application form and make sure you upload your most up to date CV. We will be reviewing CVs and inviting candidates that meet the criteria for an interview before making the final decisions.


This training is completely free and the grant will cover costs for everyone to travel to the relevant in person training locations. 

If you have any questions please contact Ingrid, the Project Manager at

Industry Testimonials from

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Independent Freelancers

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and more to be announced...

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