At Mission, we understand that planning your digital services is one line in a long list of things you need to get ready for your production. With this in mind, we’ve created a simple three point guide explaining what makes us a cut above the rest.

1. Teamwork is at our core

In an industry that is primarily filled with individual freelancers jumping from job to job and problem to problem alone, we firmly believe our collaborative, team based approach is what separates us from the rest. Our talent pool is more than just a list of technicians – it’s a tightly knit group of colleagues and ultimately friends.

Backed with a dedicated in-house team, all of our technicians can go onto any scale of job full with confidence that they have the skills and support they need to provide a smooth service for the production. But as a team, we take it further than just our in-house support. Using a company-wide instant messaging based platform, any of our technicians can be there to lend a fellow DIT a hand in a social, informal manner.


2. We manage your entire workflow

Our aim is to make booking everything you need for your digital pipeline as easy as one phone call. With multi-skilled technicians and a variety of services we hope to be able to fulfill all of your needs, whether it’s on set dailies, lab services, cloud dailies, video playback, web transfers or long term archiving we can cover it.

As an established entity in the industry we’re also well connected with many post houses and VFX companies allowing seamless transitions from on set through to post.


3. Our kit is tailor built for you

No two jobs are the same so why should the kit be? We consider a multitude of factors when deciding what will work best for you, whether you’re after battery powered portability, ultra high performance or advanced colour controls and monitoring (or a mixture of the three!) we’ll find a way.

With solutions of all different shapes and sizes, all of our setups are built for the harsh conditions of location shooting.