Whether you’re looking for a basic video playback setup for your single camera shoot, or a system that will allow you to record, overlay and composite across multiple feeds, Mission Digital have a solution to match your requirements.


QTAKE System

As technology advances and expectations get higher, the lines between shoot and post become blurred. Complex shots must be solved in camera, requiring both forward-planning and insight. Our advanced QTAKE rig is the perfect video playback partner for such challenges, allowing precise control over the most complex of shots.

  • Live compositing/keying
  • Live overlay
  • Motion capture
  • Live 3D playback
  • Fast on set editing/previews
  • Built-in talkback system (optional director’s speakers)
  • 2 x 21” Flanders Broadcast Monitors


Compact Solutions

Mission Digital can supply your production with a simplified playback solution dependent purely on your needs. Our hassle-free play and record system can be scaled up and down by adding more Ronin recorders and 21″ monitors, is lightweight, portable and a cost-effective option for your shoot.

  • Atomos Ronin Portable Player/Recorder/Monitor built into a flight-ready case*
  • 21″ Flanders Broadcast Monitors
  • Custom-built Magliner or monitor stands
  • Auto-record capability
  • Easy to use touch-screen interface
  • Built-in backup battery system
  • HD playback option
  • Can capture Apple ProRes and DNxHD

*Can be scaled to meet requirements