Virtual Production

Seeing in camera what
isn't there

With the advent of VFX heavy productions all across the spectrum, additional tools are required in order to fuel the artistic vision of the filmmakers and to improve cost efficiencies across the board.

Mission provides NCAM and Unreal services on set to fit the needs of your previsualisation requirements. 

NCAM is one of the world’s leading space tracking systems, and allows for placing digital assets in a 3D space and visualising them in real time, in camera, even whilst the camera is moving.


Unreal Engine is the world’s biggest video game engine, and is used on film projects to create and show high resolution digital assets, with intricate lighting detail and full flexibility.

Utilising the Unreal Engine to populate high resolution digital assets and being able to see them live and in camera is a fantastic tool for your production, and one that is both futuristic and required more and more by productions of all sizes.

We have partnered up with some of the best previs companies out there, to help plan and execute the wildest and most complex projects around.