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LTO Archive and Restore

For projects that require a more reliable means of storage, LTO is an industry-standard tape format. Mission employs the open file format LTFS, an enterprise solution for automated archive and restore.

We have a proven track record of handing over to all major post and VFX vendors and are able to execute quick turnaround restores and conform pulls which can be delivered via our Global Distribution Network.


LTO tapes are:

  • More reliable format – longer shelf life than spinning disk

  • Cheaper per GB than disk

  • Adheres to studio features completion bond stipulation

LTO Robot - T120.jpg

For older media, we offer our LTO and hard drive migration service. We can transfer your media to newer LTO technology (LTO-7 and LTO-8), and keep everything tidy, organised and future proof.

We are also experts in handling large storage projects, be them feature films, TV or non entertainment data.

Let us know what you would be providing and which media you want it to end up on, and we will do the rest.

LTO and Hard Drive Migration Services

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