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Easel Online Dailies

The simplest Online
Dailies Platform

Do you need a dailies review tool that allows you to communicate effortlessly across departments? Easel is a secure interactive dailies platform that was built specifically for the iPad and the web, making dailies review as easy as flipping through the pages of a book. Don’t let it’s simplicity fool you though, Easel is packed full with useful features.

  • Fully customisable user access

  • Capable of playing content in HDR

  • Secure login based assess and with remote wipes

  • Unique username watermarking

  • Cloud sync user annotation and QC notes

  • Look adjustment – includes CDL grading functions

  • PDF documentation uploads

Have an Easel account? You can login at


Making sure your material is safe and secure is key throughout Mission Digital and Easel is no exception.


With Easel we can provide you with multiple areas within your project, each one having it’s own access list. Want a director only area? A place for just for 2nd Unit crew? However you want to allocate access, it can be arranged! Every user is given a unique login which is the used to generate unique watermarks.

User Access Control

Easel Screengrab.png

Image Controls &
Stills Creation

Easel comes with simple yet powerful colour controls allowing you to quickly create stills and get a feel for how a shot could look with a different grade. With controls for Power, Offset and Slope along with saturation and wipes you can take your creations outside of Easel and even import them into grading tools with XML and CDL exports via email.

Playback & Cloud QC
and Notes

Being a dailies review tool it goes without saying that Easel provides in depth playback controls. You can scrub frame by frame, jump forward by a user defined amount and create custom playlists.

Easel takes full advantage of it’s cloud based architecture to allow users to create notes that sync across all devices so you can share and collaborate together. What’s more, any on set or lab based QC notes, selected takes and tags will be right there in Easel too.

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