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About Mission

Part of Your Mission

Established in 2011, Mission is one of the world’s leading DIT and digital dailies services companies with an exceptional list of feature film and high-end drama credits. Coupling this with an exceptional video playback team and futuristic virtual production services, it offers comprehensive digital services to productions of all sizes.


Mission’s technicians support many of the world’s most in-demand cinematographers and directors, with an explicit agenda to enable the creative team to focus on storytelling with the confidence that the integrity of their vision will be communicated from the point of capture all the way to post.


As a business, Mission’s focus is on scalability, consistency and field-ready solutions supported by highly skilled and company trained technicians.


Mission’s vision is to better connect the worlds of pre, production, post and VFX within one holistic workflow from data integrity to consistent colour management and efficient VFX metadata collation.


The net result? Seamless post and VFX workflows to follow where the savings can be better applied to creative outcomes.

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