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On Set DIT

DIT is in our DNA

Mission started as a DIT services company, and since those humble beginnings it has become so much more. We pride ourselves for being the right hand to the cinematographer, and being at their side from the point of capture all the way to post.

Our on set services are scalable, meaning if you are shooting additional units, or have new requirements, our staff will be able to come up with solutions that keep the existing digital workflow intact.

We will also tailor a solution based on your production needs and requirements. No job is the same, and we take that at heart.


The On Set DIT services we provide are as follows:

  • Data Managing

  • Digital Imaging Technicians

  • Live Look Creation

Coupling our incredibly talented technicians with bespoke equipment, designed to withstand any scenarios and challenges, Mission’s reputation for DIT excellence is well earned.

Our technicians are

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