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Loving Vincent

Video Playback, On Set DIT


Dedicated to Vincent Van Gogh, Loving Vincent is the world’s first fully painted feature film shows an insight into the story of the artist’s life and mysterious death. Based on director Dorota Kobiela’s fascination for Van Gogh, Loving Vincent is the result of passionate years of hard work including research, investigation, painting and relentless commitment.

Each frame of the movie was painstakingly recreated in painting, utilising Van Gogh’s famous and distinctive style. For the live action element of the shoot, our DIT’s Harry Bennett-Snewin and Ash Daniyan handled On Set services (DIT services and Video Assist)


Dorota Kobiela
Hugh Welchman


Tristan Oliver
Lukasz Zal

Production Company

BreakThru Productions

Mission Talent

On Set DIT
Harry Bennett-Snewin
Ash Daniyan

Shooting Format

Alexa 2K ProRes


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