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The Covenant

On Set DIT, Digital Dailies


John Kinley, a US Army Sergeant, recruits Ahmed as an interpreter to communicate with locals during his mission in Afghanistan. After an ambush, Ahmed rescues an injured Kinley and helps him to evade capture by dragging him through the desert mountains. Once back in the US, Kinley learns that Ahmed and his family weren’t given safe passage to America as promised, and they’ve been forced to hide from dangerous rebels. With U.S authorities failing to respond, Kinsley takes it upon himself to return to the war zone and rescue Ahmed.

Mission was delighted to assist on the Covenant by providing On Set DIT services, through DIT Jacob Robinson and Data Manager David Buckley, as well as Digital Dailies overseen by Lab Operator Niall Todd.


Guy Ritchie


Ed Wild

Production Company

Fresco Film Services
STX Films

Mission Talent

On Set DIT - Jacob Robinson
Data Manager - David Buckley
Dailies Operator - Niall Todd

Shooting Format

Sony Venice
Arri Alexa LF
Red Komodo


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