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Under The Skin

On Set DIT, Digital Dailies


Nominated for best film at the London Film Festival, Jonathan Glazer’s Under the Skin tells a story that plays out as a malarial dream, or perhaps more suitably, a nightmare. Glazer looks at how our world might be seen through an alien’s eyes, resulting in a subtle style of thriller; “lucid, seductive and mesmerisingly strange” (Variety, Justin Chang, 2013).

Mission Digital were honoured to supply on set DIT and digital lab services to the production. Under the Skin was shot primarily on ARRIRAW, but the introduction of eight prototype “One-Cam” cameras added a new level of complexity to the proceedings. The end result is a haunting, unnerving piece that has generated a cult following in recent years.


Jonathan Glazer


Daniel Landin

Production Company

Seventh Kingdom Films

Mission Talent

On Set DIT:
Mark Purvis
Neil Gray
Chris Nunn

Shooting Format

Arri Alexa – ARRIRAW
Prototype “One-Cam”


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