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On Set DIT, Digital Dailies


What if you woke up one day and realised you’re the only one who remembers The Beatles exist? That’s exactly what happens to Jack (Himesh Patel) on Danny Boyle’s Yesterday. A musical comedy like no other, and sporting a soundtrack filled with incredible tunes from the seminal rock band, Yesterday is sure to be a riot.

Shot on RED Weapon at 8K by Cinematographer Chris Ross BSC, with DIT Thomas Patrick grading by his side on set and lab operators James Ian Gray and Niall Todd running the digital dailies lab, Mission provided a comprehensive digital workflow from camera to post production, and set up a robust colour pipeline to keep the artistic intention of the creative team intact.


Danny Boyle


Chris Ross BSC

Production Company

Working Title
Universal Pictures

Mission Talent

On Set DIT:
Thomas Patrick

Digital Dailies Operators:
James Ian Gray
Niall Todd

Shooting Format

RED Weapon 8K


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