Mission Digital

Niall Todd

  Digital Imaging Technician

In an industry where teamwork is everything, our technicians are the bridge between the camera, production, editorial and VFX departments. Each member of our talent pool has graduated from our training programme and all have unique strengths across the spectrum: from on set DIT through digital lab and dailies colour.

Missbehaviour (Lab)Left Bank PicturesArri RawZac Nicholson BSC
You Should Have Left (Lab)BloomhouseArri RawAngus Hudson BSC
Downton Abbey: The Movie (Dailies, Lab)Castle Pictures LTDSony Venice, Alexa MiniBen Smithard BSC
All is True (Preshoot, Lab)True Productions 1613 ltdArri RawZac Nicholson BSC
Untitled Danny Boyle Project (Lab)Three Act PicturesRed Helium 8KChristopher Ross BSC
Love Type D (Additional Photography)Love Type DAlexa 2K ProResChristopher Schneider
Slaughterhouse Rulez (Lab, Additional Photography)Stolen PictureArri Raw John de Borman BSC
Apostle (Additional Photography)Apostle FilmsRed DragonMatt Flannery
BenjaminOpen Palm FilmsAlexa 2K ProResDavid Pimm
Self HelpForward MotionAlexa 2K ProResJames Layton
Catherine The Great (Lab, Preshoot)Yekaterina UK LtdArri AlexaStuart Howell
Chimerica (Lab, Pick-ups)PlaygroundArri AlexaWojciech Szepel
The Dead RoomCan Do Productions LtdArri AlexaRichard Stoddard
His Dark Materials (Lab, Dailies)Bad WolfArri AlexaDavid Luther
A Discovery Of Witches (Lab, Dailies)Bad WolfAlexa UHD ProResSuzie Layelle
Wanderlust (Lab, Dailies)Drama RepublicPanasonic VaricamBen Wheeler
AISpace DigitalAlexa HD ProRes, GoPro, DroneToby Wilkinson
Witless Season 3Objective FictionAlexa HD ProResBenedict Spence
Samira's PartyDauntless PicturesAlexa HD ProResAdam Scarth
Pearson DetentionNFTSAlexa 2K ProResAnton Gunnarsson
Snickers Valentine's DayFat LemonSony FS7Max Cutting