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Additional Services

Global file distribution

Powerful networks are making the world a more connected place. As a leader in technology, Mission is able to take advantage of these networks and assist in your location based-services by offering accelerated file delivery via our Media Shuttle service, anywhere in the world.

Functionality includes:

  • Capable of moving large amounts of data from shoot location to editorial base

  • Designed to carry 100s of gigabytes of data per day

  • High-speed, secure encrypted point-to-point data transfer

  • Able to facilitate features shooting around the world


With more and more VFX requirements on bigger and bigger productions, being able to offer VFX pulls as part of Mission’s digital dailies service it’s a great way to keep your pipeline under one umbrella

Experience delivering VFX pulls for high end television and feature blockbusters

Ensuring all metadata gets passed along properly and efficiently, from point of capture to post production

VFX pulls

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