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On Set DIT, Digital Dailies


Set in modern day London, Babylon follows the individual stories of those working for the Metropolitan Police Service. From officers on the streets, to the management and PR department at New Scotland Yard, this sharp and often funny series commissioned by Channel 4 is a innovative offering from seasoned veteran Danny Boyle.

Aiming to provide a fully immersive experience for the viewer, the production team opted to shoot on a variety of consumer cameras. Mission Digital stepped up to this challenge and managed more than 40 individual cameras throughout the project, which culminated in a heart-stopping recreation of the 2011 London riots.


Jon S. Baird
Sally El Hosaini
Danny Boyle


David Raedeker
Enrique Chediak
Balazs Bolygo

Production Company

Nightjack Films

Mission Talent

On Set DIT:
Harry Bennett-Snewin
Ash Daniyan
Phil Humphries

Shooting Format

Arri Alexa – ProRes
Consumer grade cameras


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