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Digital Dailies, Delivered in ACES


Netflix’s police interrogation drama Criminal is a breath of fresh air on usual crime series. The show focuses on the intense mental conflict between the police officer and the suspect in question during the interrogation process.

Mission provided digital lab services for this show, which although set in four different countries and shot in the local language, was produced fully at Netflix’s production hub based at Secuoya Studios in Madrid, as part of Mission España’s first project. Ari Bonavia and Ram Tripathi were in charge of our digital lab for the project, based on site at the studios.

Criminal was shot on the Sony Venice with an ACES pipeline, with cinematographers Jamie Cairney and Pau Mirabet in charge of the look of the show.


Jim Field Smith
Mariano Barroso
Oliver Hirschbiegel
Frédéric Mermoud


Jamie Cairney
Pau Mirabet

Production Company


Mission Talent

Digital Dailies Lab Operator
Ari Bonavia
Ram Tripathi

Shooting Format

Sony Venice XOCN-ST 6K


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