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Downton Abbey

Digital Dailies, Delivered in ACES


After its series finale back in 2015, Downton Abbey returns, this time to the big screen. Sporting the same beautiful period imagery and engrossing drama the TV series was famous for, and the same characters we all know and love, it’s good to be back in the castle once more.

Director Michael Engler, who directed episodes on the original series, helmed this return to the Abbey. Mission provided a the digital dailies, based on a workflow working with the Sony Venice camera, and delivered the project with an ACES pipeline. Our technicians Alec Garner, Niall Todd and Michael McKnight ran the digital lab, supporting cinematographer’s Ben Smithard BSC vision throughout the project.


Michael Engler


Ben Smithard BSC

Production Company

Focus Features
Universal Pictures

Mission Talent

Digital Dailies Operators
Alec Garner
Michael McKnight
Niall Todd

Shooting Format

Sony Venice 6K


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