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Everything Now

Digital Dailies, On Set DIT


Everything Now follows 16 year old Mia, who has just returned home after a lengthy battle with anorexia in the hospital. Now playing catch up after being thrust into the new world of sixth form, Mia creates an ever growing bucket list in an attempt to better relate to her peers.

Mission provided On Set DIT Services to Everything Now through DIT Neil Gray, and also ran Digital Dailies from our Shepperton Lab through Lab Operators Raquel Martin Rivillos, Dan Price & James Ian Gray.


Dionne Edwards
Charlie Manton
Alyssa McClelland
Laura Steinel


Nick Morris
Marvin Rush
Darran Bragg

Production Company

Left Bank Pictures

Mission Talent

DIT - Neil Gray
Lab Operators -
Raquel Martin Rivillos
Dan Price
James Ian Gray

Shooting Format

Arri Alexa Mini LF


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