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On Set DIT, Video Playback


In a world where everyone develops super powers on their 18th birthday, 25 year old Jen is having trouble navigating life as seemingly the only person without one. With the help of her flatmates Carrie and Kash, Jen begins a journey to try and find her superpower and at the same time learns some of the joy in just being ordinary.

Mission was delighted to assist in the creation of Extraordinary by having Ash Daniyan provide On Set DIT Services and David Green provide Video Playback Services.


Nadira Amrani
Toby MacDonald
Jennifer Sheridan


Carlos Catalán
Daniel Stafford-Clark
Álvaro Gutiérrez

Production Company

Sid Gentle Films
Disney +

Mission Talent

DIT - Ash Daniyan
Data Manager - Stuart McConville

Shooting Format

Sony Venice


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