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On Set DIT


Fireworks is a tense, innovative short film that uses cutting edge virtual production technology to tell its story. A team of MI6 officers working out of a Special Ops Room in London oversee a mission to take out a terrorist target. As they argue about whether or not to use a drone strike, one side of the Ops Room gives way to reveal the real people and marketplace they are talking about bombing.

Fireworks was a great opportunity for Mission to rekindle our working relationship with the projects director and esteemed VFX Supervisor, Paul Franklin, in order to test the boundaries of virtual production as one of the UK’s first virtual production shoots.

Mission provided support to DOP Ollie Downey by having Mission Technician Thomas Patrick perform On Set DIT duties, and Matt England perform Data Manager duties. Mission also provided in House Processing for Fireworks.


Paul Franklin


Oliver Downey BSC

Production Company

Wilder Films with Dimension Studios and Lipsync Post Production

Mission Talent

Thomas Patrick
Matt England

Shooting Format

Arri Alexa mini LF


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