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On Set DIT, Digital Dailies


Set in contemporary London and styled like a multi-layered Nordic noir, Marcella is penned by Hans Rosenfeldt, acclaimed writer of The Bridge. Anna Friel plays Marcella Backland, a Police Detective who returns to aid an investigation that bears a striking resemblance to one from her past. Marcella’s twisting storyline leads the audience through a narrative maze where any character could be a witness, victim or potential suspect.

Mission Digital provided a 4K RAW solution for the project, which was optimised for location-based work and capable of handing five hours of F65 footage per day. For more information, take a look at this blog post.


Charles Martin
Jonathan Teplitzky
Henrik Georgsson


Ula Pontikos
Ulf Brantås

Production Company

Buccaneer Media

Mission Talent

On Set DIT:
Ash Daniyan
James Ian Gray

Shooting Format

Sony F65 + F55 – Raw


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