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Mary & George

On Set DIT, Video Playback, Digital Dailies


Inspired by the outrageous true story, this new seven part series is based on Mary Villiers who encouraged her handsome son George to seduce King James VI of Scotland and I of England. Through this scheme, Mary and her son grew from their humble beginnings all the way to being the two most titled and influential people in English Court history.

Mission was delighted to provide DIT, Video Playback and Digital Dailies to Mary & George through DIT Thomas Patrick, Playback Operator Alex Dias and Lab Operators Fabio Cachucho, James Ian Gray and Diane Shaw.


Oliver Hermanus
Alex Winckler
Florian Cossen


Ula Pontikos
Frank Lamm
Alexander Dynan
Adam Scarth

Production Company

Hera Pictures

Mission Talent

DIT - Thomas Patrick
Video Playback - Alex Dias
Lab Operators - James Ian Gray / Diane Shaw / Fabio Cachucho

Shooting Format

Sony Venice


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