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Slaughterhouse Rulez

On Set DIT, Digital Dailies, Video Playback


When a British boarding school sells some of its land to a fracking company, something spooky begins to happen, with monsters coming out of an excavation site. It’s up to the students and their hilarious teachers to save the day and avoid the bloodshed.

Slaughterhouse Rulez stars Asa Butterfield plus usual British comedy stalwarts Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. It’s a bloody, action pumped and hilarious tale, bolstered by some great VFX work.

John de Borman BSC was in charge of the camera, with Anthony Dias as the On Set DIT. Gabriel Albuquerque ran our QTAKE system on Video Playback, and Dexter Kong was in charge of our Digital Dailies lab.


Crispian Mills


John de Borman BSC

Production Company

Sony Pictures

Mission Talent

On Set DIT
Anthony Dias

QTAKE Video Playback Operator
Gabriel Albuquerque

Digital Dailies Lab Operator
Dexter Kong

Shooting Format

Alexa XT ArriRAW OpenGate


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