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The Power

Digital Dailies, On Set DIT


Based on Naomi Alderman’s novel of the same name, The Power takes a look at a world where all teenage girls suddenly, and without warning, gain the power to electrocute people. As their abilities grow, these teens learn to teach older women until every woman in the world can release potentially deadly electrical jolts from their fingertips, changing everything.

Mission had a whole host of On Set DIT and Digital Lab Operators work on portions of the The Power over the duration. We were honoured to play a part in the process and assist DOPS Carlos Catalán, Ollie Downey BSC, Colin Watkinson ASC BSC, Giulio Biccari and Ruairí O'Brien ISC BSC.


Ugla Hauksdóttir
Lisa Gunning
Logan Kibens
Neasa Hardiman
Shannon Murphy


Ollie Downey BSC
Ruairí O'Brien ISC, BSC
Colin Watkinson ASC, BSC
Giulio Biccari
Carlos Catalán

Production Company

Amazon Studios

Mission Talent

Nick Everett
Niall Todd
James Ian Gray
Alex Golding
Josh Unwin
Jerome Smith
John McNally

In collaboration with additional technicians -

Refah Mahmoud
Peter Nielsen
Ben Whaley

Shooting Format

Sony Venice


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