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The Regime

Digital Dailies


Upcoming new series The Regime is based around a fictional European autocracy and its leader, Chancellor Elena Vernham, played by Kate Winslet. After not leaving the walls of the Palace for a considerable amount of time, the Chancellor grows increasingly paranoid and unstable, and begins to confide in a volatile soldier Herbert Zubak. As his influence over her grows, Elena’s increasing desires to expand her power begins to fracture both the Palace and the country around her.

Mission was delighted to provide Digital Dailies to The Regime through Senior Lab Technician Alec Garner, both Near Set when working abroad and from our Shepperton Studios office when working in London.


Stephen Frears,
Jessica Hobbs


Alwin H. Küchler

Production Company


Mission Talent

Alec Garner

Shooting Format

Sony Venice


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