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The Sandman

On Set DIT


This highly anticipated fantasy series is an adaptation of The Sandman comic book series written by Neil Gaiman. It follows the same plot set in 1916, when The King of Dreams, Morpheus, is captured in an occult ritual. After being held captive for 105 years, he then escapes and sets out to restore order to his kingdom of the Dreaming.

On Set DIT responsibilities on this project were fulfilled by Mission Technicians Ash Daniyan and Thomas Patrick.


Jamie Childs
Andrés Baiz
Louise Hooper
Mairzee Almas
Mike Barker
Coralie Fargeat


Will Baldy
George Steel

Production Company

DC Comics
DC Entertainment
Warner Bros. Television

Mission Talent

Ash Daniyan
Thomas Patrick

Shooting Format

RED DSMC2 Monstro 8K VV


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