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The Trial: A Murder In The Family

On Set DIT


The Trial: Murder In The Family is a truly revolutionary show, where a scripted murder case combines with a real life jury to finalise the verdict. Shot entirely in a courtroom, the TV series, and with an ever changing narrative due to the real life choices of the jury, it’s drama at it’s best and most compelling.

After the verdict was given, production moved on to shoot the drama part of the series, showing how the events of the murder really unfolded, and also letting the viewer know if the jury was correct in their assertion. Our DIT Dexter Kong was on set for this part of the shoot, with cinematographer Carlos Catalan calling the shots.


Nick Holt
Kath Mattock


Carlos Catalan

Production Company

Channel 4

Mission Talent

On Set DIT:
Dexter Kong

Shooting Format

Alexa Mini 2K ProRes


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