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War Of The Worlds

On Set DIT


In this modern reimagining of H.G. Wells seminal masterpiece, War Of The Worlds follows a group of survivors fighting against an alien menace. Grounded in tone and set in current times France, it’s a timeless tale of humanity rising up to defend itself.

Shot for the most part in Wales and supported by our Mission Cymru team, with a stint of production taking place in France, you won’t want to miss this one. Running on two units at the same time, DIT’s Luke Williams and Jordan Wallace supported cinematographers David Williamson and Anton Mertens SBC on set.


Richard Clark
Gilles Coulier


David Williamson
Anton Mertens SBC

Production Company


Mission Talent

On Set DIT
Luke Williams
Jordan Wallace

Shooting Format

Arri Alexa Mini - Prores 4444


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