Dailies for the digital age

Our Digital Dailies Service is based upon efficiency and security, always making sure the digital workflow is upheld to the highest standards.

Whether it’s offering our dailies service in house at one of our facilities, or deploying one of our mobile systems to another location, our lab operators will ensure that the required deliverables and backup procedures are done correctly and swiftly.

Set up anywhere, anytime

Having experience with setting up digital labs in remote locations such as Baku, Azerbaijan and Durban, South Africa, there really isn’t a challenge that our team would shy away from, and Mission is known for offering creative solutions to enable productions that may not otherwise have the means to have a full fledged dailies service.

The usual tasks done by our Digital Dailies lab can be summarised as follows:

  • Backup of rushes
  • Full QC
  • Sound sync
  • Transcodes for editorial and online dailies platform 
  • Upload to editorial and/or online dailies platform
  • Backup to final delivery media, usually LTO tapes

Security above all else

We care about security, and always keep abreast of the latest challenges to the integrity of your production.

Mission is a proud member of the Trusted Partner Network (TPN), which enables us to work hand in hand with the biggest studios in the world.